Buy apple trees now, growers advised

Autumn is a great time to buy apple trees, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has claimed.

The organisation recently spoke to Pennard Plants owner and apple tree expert Chris Smith about how garden and greenhouse growers can get the best out of their crops.

He noted that Brits should make more of a connection between their green space and kitchen by packing their diet with food they have grown themselves.

Pennard Plants specialises in heritage apple trees that are great for growing in containers and Mr Smith picked out a few of his favourites for the RHS.

He noted that the Court Pendu Plat, which dates back to the early 1600s, was a popular variety in Victorian times due to the abundance of "lovely crisp fruit" it bears.

"My own favourite apple is Ergemont Russet," he told RHS Online.

The expert described it as a moderately vigorous variety which produces fruits for harvesting in late September.

It is great for exposed gardens and is highly resistant to disease, making it perfect for organic growers.

In other news, the RHS recently wrapped up the Autumn Harvest Show in London – its last major event of the 2010 calendar.