Bulb advice for November

Before planting any bulbs in the garden or greenhouse, gardeners should take time to prepare the area in which they plan to work, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Weeds should be removed and good quality compost should be added to the soil to make it as fertile as possible.

Dense and heavy soils should be treated with horticultural grit to allow for ease of movement for both water and roots.

According to the newspapers advice, those planning to use pots to grow their bulbs should ensure there is adequate drainage in order to give them the best chance of success. Adding crocks to the bottom of the pot and using decent drainage-friendly compost should help achieve this.

November is said to be the best time to plant tulips and they should be planted deep in the ground in holes three to four times as big as the bulb itself.

Gardeners looking to continue with their hobby through winter may wish to consider installing a greenhouse in which they can grow more sensitive plants.