Building a holiday environment at home

Friends of the Earth is encouraging governments to make it cheaper and easier for citizens to make a difference to the environment.

Spokesman Neil Verander said that there are lots of things people can do to help.

"The greenest options should be the cheapest and easiest option and too often that is not the case," he said.

"We need to encourage people by urging them to go green but also by sending price signals that tackling climate change is the best thing."

Mr Verander suggested that making public transport cheaper and more convenient, helping people to insulate their homes and giving incentives to fit wind turbines and solar panels in the home could make a real difference.

Conscientious Brits may consider forgoing a holiday abroad to create their own paradise at home, using garden and home space to build getaway environment that they can enjoy all year round.

Not only would abstaining from air travel help cut carbon emissions, but building a conservatory from recyclable materials such as aluminium and glass can earn extra green points.