BTO’s Garden Bird Survey

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is asking the public to take part in a survey to help determine the effects of light and heat pollution on garden birds. The project follows up a similar study, undertaken in 2004, the Shortest Day Survey.

Participants are being asked to monitor their garden feeders from before sunrise, and record the times at which up to ten different species arrive.

The Shortest Day Survey, was a one off examination of the times that garden birds arrived at feeding stations in the winter. Clare Simm of the BTO said of the survey;

“Almost 6000 people sent in records and we produced two peer-reviewed papers.. A key finding in that survey was that urban birds get up later than their country counterparts.”

The RSPB has backed the survey, telling the BBC;

“As well as helping the conservation organisations, taking part in surveys like these gets people enthused about nature, and reaping the rewards of their feeding and wildlife gardening efforts.”