Brummie steam trains and gorillas

Visitors to Birmingham may wonder if theyve just fallen down a rabbit hole.

With a steam train, angels, fish, a manta ray, and a gorilla all to be found on the citys streets, people would be forgiven for wondering whats going on.

But the answer is simply that they are witnessing the creations of entrants into Birmingham in Bloom, the regional version of the Heart of England in Bloom gardening competition.

City Centre Partnership director Jenny Inglis explained that Birmingham has hopes of making an impact at the national competition after it entered the Regeneration category.

"We are trying to make the city centre more attractive at a time when there are lots of visitors. Entering a competition has made us raise our game a little bit," she said.

"The theme of the trail is local roots and Cadbury’s chocolate in Centenary Square links our relationship with the factory."

The results of the competition will be released in September meaning that garden lovers still have time to soak up the 2.7 miles of displays.