Brits staying put and turning houses into homes

UK homeowners are showing an interest in making their properties as homely as possible, according to recent suggestions made on the back of a survey.

Interior designer Danielle Proud claims that Brits are getting so fed up with the credit crisis and house price slump that they are bedding down and making the best of what is available to them.

"I would definitely say that people are looking to make their homes a real cosy haven at the moment and the reason for that is because they are not just creating a blank canvas with wooden floors and white walls to sell it," she said.

"The market is such that nowadays everything will stay there for a while with people staying put so they are wanting to make a place that is really comfortable and lovely for the family to hang out in."

This was further evidenced in a survey by the Fun on the floor campaign that revealed that 81 per cent of Britons want their home to be cosy and comfortable, while 31 per cent plan to decorate before Christmas.

If these trends are replicated across the country, the number of people looking to install a custom conservatory may be on the increase.

A modern conservatory allows the owners to enjoy views of the outside regardless of the weather – without the threat of draughts or overheating as was common with older conservatories.