Brits should design garden from centre

Those who plan their garden by working from the perimeter towards the centre might not necessarily be getting the best from their green space, it has been suggested.

Brits planning a new look for their garden should ignore the temptation to begin at the outer perimeter and work their way in.

According to the Independent, this is how so many UK green spaces have ended up looking the same – with small borders, lined by paths and a large section of lawn in the middle.

The newspaper suggested that horticulture fans select a central feature to work out from – whether this is a greenhouse or a pond – and add sections of garden until they are happy.

It also advised readers not to plan their garden on paper, but to explore it physically and, by doing so, work out what would benefit it most.

This should help avoid overloading it with features, which can be a temptation for amateur gardeners, the newspaper said.

As well as a greenhouse, other potential centrepieces include water fountains, a raised flowerbed, a vegetable patch or bench.