Brits set for DIY holiday weekend

With the holiday weekend approaching, a fifth of Brits will attempt some sort of DIY job at home, new research shows.

A large number will also undertake home improvement work that could be considered potentially dangerous, according to the study by

While some may leave building a conservatory of pool house to the experts, others may try to undertake some tasks on their own.

Almost a third (32 per cent) will attempt to fit a kitchen, while 68 per cent will try to rewire electricals, the study found.

DIY Week assistant editor Fiona Hodge suggested people should know their "limits" and make sure they are suitably trained and prepared for whatever work they are due to carry out.

"Certainly, over the bank holidays there is a rise in accidents where people dont quite know what they are taking on," she stated.

The research found the majority (96 per cent) of those planning some DIY over the break plan to paint, while 77 per cent will wallpaper.