Brits save £49 billion on DIY

Homeowners have saved billions in the past year by carrying out DIY projects, it has been asserted.

Over £49 billion worth of work has been carried out by keen Brits, according to Sainsburys Home Insurance.

The company explained painting tops the list of tasks – with 51 per cent of UK adults having slopped some gloss or emulsion on their indoor surfaces within the past 12 months.

However, manager Joanne Mallon advised those improving their home to check their policy includes accidental damage cover.

"DIY is a great way to save money and the sense of achievement when the jobs done can be tremendous, so dont ruin it by exposing yourself to calamity," she suggested.

While painting and decorating may be useful ways of saving on tradesmens fees, those considering building a conservatory may be safer leaving it to a professional to ensure the work is completed properly.

A recent poll by found that men are thought to be slightly more [52 per cent] proficient at DIY than women.