Brits reassured about potting compost

Recent newspaper reports linking potting compost with Legionellosis should not put growers off using the substance in their gardens and greenhouses.

This is the view of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), which said that Brits should be fairly safe using the products as long as they followed certain rules for handling.

Legionella longbeachae is the bacterium that leads to Legionnaires’ disease, but it requires stagnant water and temperatures of over 20 degrees C to grow.

Steps can be taken to avoid the bacteria multiplying, such as not storing the products in a warm greenhouse.

Using a dust mask and gloves when handling should also reduce the risk of inhaling or ingesting any nasties that may be inside the bag.

If a dust mask is unavailable, then it is sensible to keep your head away from the container when opening it, the RHS added.

The organisation recently put tickets on sale for its Autumn Harvest Show event, which takes place in October.