Brits not confident in DIY skills

Almost half of Brits feel they lack the handyman aptitude of their parents generation, according to a recent study.

The Halifax survey found 43 per cent of respondents admit they do not have the same capacity for DIY as their mothers and fathers.

Despite this, it revealed over a third (34 per cent) of homeowners intend to perform some sort of home improvement over the forthcoming Easter weekend.

The home insurance provider warned that carrying out tasks without the proper qualifications could mean an invalidated policy, suggesting that tasks like building conservatories or kitchen extensions may be best left to the professionals.

While 77 per cent of Brits are happy enough to paint their own rooms, 65 per cent do not have the confidence to wallpaper.

A further 75 per cent would also not attempt to tile themselves – something that could end up saving people money, according to head of underwriting David Rochester.

"It all looks so easy on the home makeover programmes, but it is perhaps no bad thing that most people say they wouldnt attempt large DIY projects themselves," he said.

Mr Rochester went on to explain that people could be left with large bills if they make a hash of a home improvement.

Halifax also recently warned conservatory owners to watch out for garden thieves over the summer months.