Brits in for wet weekend

Brits looking forward to the May bank holiday weekend might be disappointed to hear that it could be a little damp.

According to the Met Office, today (April 30th) will be dry and bright in the east, although showers will push in from the north and west.

Some areas may experience heavy rain and even thunderstorms – a theme which will continue into the weekend.

Saturday will again flatter to deceive in the morning, with a dry start for many areas. However, the north will experience cloudy skies, which will lead on to heavy and prolonged showers in England.

Scotland should enjoy some bright and dry weather as the long weekend begins, but temperatures will be more suited to gardening than to a day at the beach.

Unfortunately, things do not look promising for Sunday, with cold, wet and windy weather forecast in the south and east of England.

As Monday arrives, so too should drier and brighter weather, although temperatures will also be cooler.

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts could take advantage of the Royal Horticultural Societys Great London Garden Trail, which takes place on Monday.