Brits forgetting DIY skills

A new survey has shown that a large number of Brits are reliant on professionals to carry out home improvements and maintenance.

The research by found that there is a skills gap in the UK, with a third of people unable to wire a plug correctly.

Similarly, just one in three believe they have the skills to change a lock or tile a bathroom – facts that will reassure tradesmen around the country that their positions are safe.

Some tasks, such as constructing a bespoke conservatory or glazed kitchen extension, are best left to the experts to ensure they are done to the highest and safest standards possible. spokesperson Nadia Kelly explained the apparent skills gap has come after a break in the chain of knowledge between generations.

"Many of these skills were once passed down from generation to generation but that no longer seems to happen," she said.

"But suddenly people are discovering they can save money if they know how to darn a sock, fix a trouser hem or handle some basic DIY without having to call out an expert."

Aspect Maintenance recently suggested that one of the first things new homeowners strive to do is put their own personal mark on their property by carrying out a home improvement.