Brits encouraged to cook healthily

While keen gardeners may be savvy to the fact that they can grow their own healthy fruit, veg and herbs in their greenhouse, garden or allotment, the rest of the nation has been encouraged to look at their diet to solve a range of problems.

Fiona Beckett, author of the Frugal Cook, has advised the population that not only will cutting back on food spending be beneficial to their bank balance – it will also improve their health and happiness too.

She said that Brits have become too reliant on takeaway and ready-meals damaging their health and bank balance.

"People are going to have to cut back as people are losing their jobs, struggling to pay their mortgages, not being able to sell a house, so its something more and more people will have to come to terms with," she said.

"It can be really pleasurable [having to cut back]. Cooking is fun."

Cooking can be even more pleasurable when the raw materials have come straight from the greenhouse.

This is also a cheap way of ensuring that everyone in the family gets their recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.