British Waterways to help find spaces for growing fruit and veg

The Mayor of Londons Capital Growth project has received a boost with the news that British Waterways has offered its backing.

Capital Growth aims to add 2,012 new food growing spaces in London by the year 2012, and British Waterways will aid this effort by pinpointing areas which could be used for growing food.

Possible locations include land alongside British Waterways canals and workboats turned into floating vegetable patches.

According to Mayor of London Boris Johnson, the arrangement will prove mutually beneficial.

"I am thrilled that British Waterways has signed up to Capital Growth," he commented.

"Using currently underused stretches of land along Londons canals and even the boats on them to grow fruit and veg will not only provide local communities with top notch healthy grub but also help make our waterways even more vibrant, exciting and colourful places to enjoy."

It is hoped that by increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables grown in Londons greenhouses and garden areas rising food prices and the negative impact of climate change can be combated.

British Waterways recently launched an appeal for nature lovers to take note of the creatures they encounter on their local waterway.