British Birds Thriving

The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch has revealed that some British garden birds are thriving this year, mainly thanks to the mild winter we have experienced.

Blue tits, goldfinches and great spotted woodpeckers have been found to be the greatest beneficiaries of the milder weather. These birds specifically seem to do well with human intervention.

The RSPB survey, which was first undertaken in 1979, saw around half a million people take part. The survey asked people to spend an hour counting birds in their garden or local park during the last weekend in January.

The RSPB has emphasised how weather can have a huge effect on the annual results. For example, 2013 saw a much colder winter and led to many more birds visiting gardens and relying on humans as their food source. Milder weather generally leads to birds being more self-sufficient and therefore less likely to visit a garden.