Britain set for scorching week

Brits who have booked holidays for next week with the intention of spending some time in the garden and conservatory may have pulled off a masterstroke after the Met Office suggested some areas could see temperatures of up to 30 degrees C (86 degrees F).

The weather experts expect it to be so warm, that the body has released its first heat-health warning of the year.

It is expected to be so hot in some areas, that night time temperatures could stay above 18 degrees C.

Brits with conservatories may be glad of them if the heat builds up to set of a thunderstorm, but the Met Office has suggested there is an 80 per cent chance it will stay dry.

"The very warm conditions will last well into next week, with the hottest days of the summer so far and a 60 per cent chance of reaching 32 degrees C," explained chief forecaster Andy Page.

England and Wales will see the highest temperatures, while Scotland and Northern Ireland are also expected to see weather that is hotter than normal.

Meanwhile, Halifax recently warned homeowners to be wary of the risk of subsidence during summer.