Brighter times in store for UK homeowners

UK homeowners could enjoy a return to some sort of normality as far as the housing market goes in 2009, according to the National Association of Estate Agents (Naea).

Many who have been looking to sell have been unable to do so due to a stagnant market, but Naea president Chris Brown predicts that things will be different in 2009.

"The market is still waiting to feel the impact of recent interest rate cuts, and if the major lenders commit to making mortgages available to those who want to buy then the market should improve next year," Mr Brown said.

"For tens of thousands of people, their New Years resolution as 2008 draws to a close will be to get onto the property ladder, or to move further up it. We must all do what we can to help them achieve that goal.

"The demand for property is there – so in 2009 we need political will, professional integrity and financial commitments."

If buyers do return to the market, homeowners can add to the value and appeal of their property by investing in a conservatory.

Not only will this boost the chances of selling at a decent price, but it will also make the home a nicer place to live in the meantime.