Botanic Garden Rent Reduced to £1

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The botanic garden at St Andrews University has been made available for rent at the princely sum of £1, in the hope of saving the gardens from closure. The 124 year old garden has been a subject of a public petition in the hope of saving it.

The local council, who have been running the 17 acre attraction for the past 25 years, had previously announced that funding for the gardens had been cut.

Stephen Magee, St Andrews University’s vice-principal external relations said:

“Although for many years the university has had no academic or strategic use for the botanic gardens and cannot afford to take on the running costs, we are a very sensitive to their importance to a number of people locally, as are Fife council, the current  operators.”

He continued,

“In agreeing to grant a rolling lease to a new trust, we hope that we are giving people who care about the garden deeply, the chance to develop a sustainable plan for the future.”


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