Boris encourages Capital Growth

The mayor of London has announced a new project that should see 2,012 new patches of land set aside for growing food by 2012.

Boris Johnson hopes the Capital Growth project will encourage gardeners and non-gardeners alike to make use of their gardens, greenhouses, roof terraces, balconies and allotments to make London a more eco-friendly and tasty place to live.

The project is the brainchild of newly appointed London Food chair Rosie Boycott, who said the project can help regenerate forgotten land.

"London has a good deal of green spaces – some derelict or underused – but not being used as well as they could be," she said.

"We also have a veritable host of enthusiastic gardeners who are well equipped to turning derelict or underused spaces into thriving oases offering healthy food and a fantastic focus for the community.

"Capital Growth will identify spaces across the capital – often in surprising places such as roof gardens – and help Londons communities grow their own food."

A greenhouse can be an excellent place to begin growing food at home, especially in the winter months when outdoor conditions are often less than pleasant.