Bonsai portal to be launched

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts are being invited to try a new portal focused on growing small trees. is still being beta tested, but aims to educate horticulture fans on the art form.

Users are able to share photos and tips to help each other develop their passion, explained principal Ashley Carrier.

"Membership is free and our purpose is to build a community website to generate awareness and educate gardeners on the benefits of Bonsai – and to convert them into Bonsai enthusiasts," she explained.

The roots the technique can be traced back centuries and are based around creating harmony between man and nature.

According to the owners of the new portal, it will offer help to both established practitioners and novices alike.

Furthermore, regular contributors will be rewarded with discounts from BonsaiOutlet, while the first 20 articles published will win their authors a free personalised cotton tote-bag.

Bonsais are just one of the possible options for growing in a garden or greenhouse, with cultivating food proving popular of late.