Bonsai classes and more in Dallas

Film-lovers in the 80s may have first been introduced to the Bonsai tree by watching Mr Miyage (Pat Morita) teach Danny Larusso (Ralph Macchio) how to prune and care for the plant in the film the Karate Kid.

Gardeners in Dallas will sadly be unable to benefit from the late Moritas teachings but can attend tonights Bonsai Compositions class at Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

The class, hosted by Deborah Beggs, is one of a number available to those with a passion for gardens and greenhouses in Dallas over the coming weeks, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Upcoming events include Rose Basics, Roses 101 and Rose Walk.

The latter will allow gardeners to take a stroll through the Texas Discovery Gardens rose garden with expert Peter Scaar.

Attendees will also be treated to advice on pruning, maintenance and choosing varieties.

Noriyuki Pat Morita was born in California in 1932 and died in November 2005 aged 73.

Bonsai is Japanese and roughly translates to tray-planted.