Blooming daisies could prove ideal for gardens in summer

Keen gardeners looking for a plant that will bloom all summer should look no further than daisies, it has been suggested.

Donna Sweigart has told Pennsylvanias Reading Eagle that her main reasons for enjoying gardening are that she finds it relaxing and it allows her to go outside and enjoy the company of the birds and squirrels.

Alongside having a variety of flowers in her garden that provide a vast array of colour, she is particularly fond of ensuring that daisies are displayed in various locations.

Ms Sweigart told the publication: "I love daisies and I have several areas of my garden planted with large groups of them.

"They bloom all summer, which is wonderful, because I love to have fresh cut flowers in my home during the summer months and to share bouquets from my garden with friends and family."

Furthermore, the constant challenge of moving plants around to different areas to find where they will best grow is considered by Ms Sweigart as one of the reasons why gardening is fun.

Daisies feature flowerheads that have white ray florets that are often tipped red and yellow disc florets.