Blackpool to build glazed museum

Blackpool will attempt to put the disappointment of losing out on a new super casino behind it by building a glazed offshoot of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Once the darling of the British holiday experience, Blackpools visitor numbers have plummeted by seven million (over 40 per cent) within the last 15 years, according to the Times.

But now the town is looking to re-establish itself as a major UK tourist destination by adding a famous museum – an idea that already has buy-in from the local council.

"Blackpool might have had a reputation as a kiss-me-quick resort but that has gone, explained Blackpool Culture Committee Chairman, Tony Williams.

"We want to change what we can offer to visitors.

"Ideally were looking for a brand new iconic building with plenty of glass to ensure natural light, which is so good for exhibitions."

The new museum would not be the first in the country to utilise glass in its design.

According to, the Tate Modern in London is to build a huge glass extension in the style of a pyramid.