Blackfriars to span the river

A train station in London is to be remodelled to feature a river-spanning platform and new curvaceous glass building, according to World Architecture News.

Blackfriars Station, currently situated on the north bank of Londons River Thames, will now span across to the south bank and feature entrances on both sides of the river.

The north bank entrance will have a brand new glass ticket hall and mezzanine level as part of the £5.5 billion Thameslink Programme.

A spokesman for Network Rail spoke of the unique design of the station.

"As well as spanning the entire length of the Thames, the scheme will accommodate a set of disused piers from an old railway bridge that was built in 1864," he told World Architecture News.

"It’s a very interesting build."

The project is just the latest in a string of construction and reconstruction projects in the capital to feature glass as a major part of its design.

Perhaps the most well-documented is the Shard of Glass building at nearby London Bridge.