Bindweed most hated

A new survey has discovered that bindweed is the most hated type of the growth.

Gardeners World found that in East Anglia, London, the midlands, Northern Ireland, Wales, the south-west and south-east, it is enemy number one for those who tend to their flowerbeds and plants.

Dandelion is the biggest weed problem-causer in the north, the magazine found. The statistics were reprinted in the Telegraph.

Other troublemakers commonly reported in regional lists include nettles, horse tail, ground elder and couch grass.

The top five pests in each region followed a similar pattern – one beasty, the vine weevil, took the top spot in the majority of the country. Symptoms of these insects include irregular bites in leaf margins. The grubs also eat roots which cause plants to die.

In Wales, Aphids are the most hated, while lily beetles are the biggest hindrance when gardening in East Anglia.

Also mentioned were caterpillars, ants, earwigs and rabbits.