Billions being tied up by those playing waiting game

Homeowners waiting on the housing market bottoming out before investing in a larger property could be sitting on a pot of around £20.2 billion, it has been suggested.

A First Direct study into the nations expectations of the housing industry revealed more than four million people are choosing to play a "waiting game" in terms of upsizing to a larger home.

While one in six predicted prices would begin to rise steadily by the end of this year, the average forecast from respondents suggested it would occur in around October 2010.

The largest proportion of "waiters" is to be found in the capital – with 15 per cent of Londoners delaying a major home-buying decision.

However, while some 25 per cent are glad to be able to play this game, a further 20 per cent regret having to put off life decisions and 12 per cent feel they will never get on the property ladder.

Homeowners with gardens may decide to add a conservatory to make the most of the summer months while they wait it out for the market to turn.

Those who do so might wish to attend this weekends Cardiff Flower Show in the hope of picking up some gardenware.