Big Lottery Fund grant to help gardeners with learning disabilities

Bromley residents with learning disabilities are to get free horticultural training after the Big Lottery Fund announced that it was to grant £308,320 to the Thyme Out scheme.

The project is to be run by Bromley Field Studies Centre and will provide education in a range of subjects from soil preparation to pond maintenance, basic work skills and even literacy and numeracy.

The Big Lottery Fund head of region for London explained that the three-year project was an ideal way of supporting people with learning difficulties.

"We are delighted to support this project, which will both provide individuals with opportunities to learn new skills and move into paid work and increase local peoples enjoyment of their green spaces," she said.

"A number of community events that will be organised as part of the scheme will help increase awareness in the community of the challenges faced by people with learning disabilities."

Gardening has long been considered an ideal way of de-stressing and letting go.

Achieving something new in the garden or greenhouse is not only therapeutic, it can also boost confidence that can be taken into other activities.