Beware of gas canister fires

Islanders on Jersey have been warned to beware the dangers of storing gas canisters in their gardens; a warning that should echo around the UK.

After two garden fires in as many weeks on the island, community safety manager Marc Le Cornu said owners of patio heaters and barbecues should take extra special care as the gas canisters could explode if they caught fire.

As Brits spend more time in their gardens, patio heaters and barbecues are becoming much more commonplace and Mr Le Cornu is concerned that people may get hurt.

"Now that the summer is finally beginning and people are starting to use their barbecues, it is essential that they are checked before use," he told

"Gas barbecues are generally stored outside and are therefore subject to deterioration.

"No one should ever try to tackle a cylinder fire as the cylinders can explode like a bomb. Instead, you should immediately evacuate the area and call the emergency services."

Garden-proud Brits would do well to take heed of Mr Le Cornus advice and regularly check to make sure cylinders are safely stored, especially as many will have spent tens of thousands of pounds and endless hours perfecting their garden.