Bees buzzing at Harlow Carr event

Greenhouse and garden growers with an interest in nature may wish to head to the Royal Horticultural Societys (RHS) Harlow Carr this Saturday and Sunday (June 13th and 14th).

There they will learn all about the part the bumblebee plays in helping plants in the UK.

The Beekeeping Open Weekend will also have activities for children, with quizzes and crafts to keep them busy.

Gardeners can attend talks on the buzzy, honey-making insects and pick up advice from experts.

Harlow Carr events manager Deborah Ellis explained the creatures are a big part of the UKs horticultural world.

"Bees are an essential contributor to the success of the natural world and this event really highlights what they do," she said..

She said families could learn how the insects communicate by taking part in the ever-popular waggle dance.

Visitors can also take in the other attractions of the garden by heading off on its Summer Interest Trail.

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