Bee Vote In Deadlock

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The proposed ban on three neonicotinoids(NNI) by the European Commission has been put to vote with the result leading to deadlock.

The vote is a response to a report which pointed to “high acute risks” to the future of the bee, caused by industrial pesticides clothiandin, imidacloprid and thiametoxam.

The European Commission submitted an ambitious 6 point plan to member states;

1) Restrict the use of NNI’s to plants that bees are not attracted to.

2) Prohibit the sale of “seeds treated” products for those crops that attract bees.

3) The above measures should be implemented by 1st July 2013.

4) Prohibit the sale of NNIs to amateurs.

5) Measures to be reviewed in two years.

6) Exceptions limited to those crops attractive to bees, but grown in greenhouses.

With no majority gained in favour or against the proposal, the Commission is committed to listening to the concerns and issues raised by member states, but will also keep pushing for these plans to be implemented. In the meantime, the bee must wait to have its fate determined.

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