Bear pit or greenhouse how to add value to a garden

It’s amazing what a bit of digging can unearth.  A former pleasure garden in Kent, once frequented by Charles Dickens, has been the focus of attention recently, all because of a Victorian bear pit discovered there.

The bear pit at Rosherville Gardens in Northfleet had lain hidden for many years but archaelogists came across it during a recent survey.

Around the 1880s the gardens attracted a million visitors a year and the sightseers would throw food to the bear.  The pit was one of only five across the country, but when the gardens were destroyed in 1939 it was considered lost.

Conservationists are afraid that it may be lost again as developers of the London Crossrail project intend to infill the land with millions of tonnes of soil.  The campaigning group has taken the matter to their MP and is asking for the gardens to be restored.

You don’t need to find a relic to add value to your garden – a Gabriel Ash greenhouse does the job very nicely.

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Author: Robert Smith