Be water-savvy, Minnesota gardeners told

Minnesota garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been urged to be savvy about how they water their plants.

The recent dry weather has caused concern for the survival of species in a number of gardens, according to the Star Tribune.

Readers were told to assess their plant list and prioritise those that need watering the most.

Young trees and shrubs should be among the first to receive hydration and horticulturalists ought to continue to water them every few days, the newspaper said.

A mulch of wood chips or shredded bark may help plants retain moisture and the article recommends this begins around an inch from the trunk.

Newly seeded lawns also require regular attention – twice a day at first – it said.

"Vegetables need regular, deep watering not only for productivity, but to avoid misshapen or bitter-tasting produce," readers were informed.

The author added sandier soils will require more attention and said a proactive rather than reactive strategy is best.

Meanwhile, a recent study in Britain found reading to plants can help them grow, with the most effective voice found belonging to the great-great granddaughter of Charles Darwin.