Be selective with composting ingredients

Gardening enthusiasts who are plagued by compost heaps that sprout should be more selective in the materials they place in them, according to horticultural expert Helen Yemm.

Long, flowering grasses often contributes to a sprouting compost heap and as such should be composted separately, she suggests.

Writing in the online pages of the Times, Ms Yemm also advises that compost heaps and bins are kept covered and encouraged to heat up and remain warm for as long as possible to speed up the composting process.

She suggests that the compost should also be stirred regularly to make sure that the entire heap rots and not just the central core.

In related news, Rochdale borough council recently identified home composting as a process capable of producing a nutrient-rich fertiliser for gardens, as well as providing horticultural enthusiasts with the chance to do their bit for the planet by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.