Bamboo flooring excellent for green design

Bamboo could be a choice for homeowners looking to install wood flooring.

The wood represents a green alternative to other products because it regenerates and is usually harvested every three and five years.

According to reports from NewsOk, it is created by mixing natural and carbonised bamboo strips during the production of a strand-woven block.

It is pressed and then cut into the appearance of a strand woven product and is then changed into tiger bamboo.

This gives it an unusual appearance and explains its reference to tigers as the flooring appears as light and dark colours woven into each other.

In addition to bamboo flooring, homeowners can also use the versatile wood for clothing, furniture and outdoor lanterns.

The flooring is used by Pb Elemental Architecture, a property development firm, and it relies on the wood for every project.

Chris Pardo, co-founder of the firm, told Seattle Weekly that it was "environmentally friendly" and therefore attracted buyers.

He said they understood that "bamboo is a renewable resource that doesnt take down a huge forest to provide your flooring".