Badgers View knocks back Grand Designs

A jeweller and antiques dealer is to build a unique home in the Chiltern Hills.

John Steven Miners home is to be shaped as though a series of misshapen boxes have been piled up and interconnected by glass walkways.

The magnificent design is the work of architect Tim Lewis of Lewis and Hickey, who will transform Dr Miners vision of "a collection of tumbledown boxes with glass ends" into reality.

Dr Miners explained that it was a once in a lifetime decision to build his dream home.

"You dont get many chances in life to build your own home," he told the Times.

"We could have done a pastiche Neo-Georgian mess or one of those Post-Modern white cubes, but we wanted something true to our time."

Dr Miners was even approached by Grand Designs, who wanted to cover the project, but he decided going down that path would be too intrusive.

The house, to be called Badgers View, will cost around £1 million to build, but is expected to be worth more than double that on completion.