Awareness of home-grown produce increasing

People are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of growing their own produce, the Soil Association has asserted.

Clio Turton, senior press officer at the organisation, explains that there has also been a rise in the number of people cultivating produce on allotments.

She suggests that there are numerous positive aspects – including good-quality, healthy food and the convenience factor – to growing fruit and vegetables at home.

"The benefits of growing your own are fresh, seasonal, local food right on your doorstep or in your back garden.

"You dont have to have a back garden and that is really key – you can do it anywhere – on a sunny windowsill, on a balcony, in your garden or on an allotment," Ms Turton adds.

Figures from the Organic Centre for Wales suggest that demand for organic food increased dramatically over the course of 2006, with sales estimated to have increased by £1,937 million.