Avoiding the pain of a sore back

A warm up, more commonly used in sports, could help make gardening an even more pleasurable experience, according to the BBC.

A common complaint for gardeners is a stiff or sore back and a warm up and gentle stretch before a bout of gardening could help alleviate the problem.

"Avoid repetitive garden work. Alter your position regularly as you work, take regular breaks and drink plenty of liquid," the BBC advises on its gardening website.

When lifting, always remember to bend the knees and not the back, although heavy lifting should be avoided if at all possible.

Toiling on hands and knees can contribute to back pain so raised flowerbeds, or growing on the worktops of the greenhouse will help avoid bending to tend to ground-level plants.

Long handled tools are also a good idea as they reduce the effort required by acting as a lever and have the added benefit of meaning you dont have to bend down to tend to plants.

The BBC website contains more ideas for reducing stress on the back while gardening.

Simple steps can lead to less pressure on the back and make gardening a much more enjoyable experience.