Gardeners should resist the urge to cover bulbs planted last year in mounds of fresh mulch, it has been stated.

Elizabeth Hoffman, co-owner of J & E Nursery made her comments at a nine-day Chicagoland Flower & Garden Show, online publication the Daily Herald explains.

"No mulch volcanoes," she notes, adding that it may also be prudent to look for wind and ice damage to other areas of the garden as well as pruning back any broken tree limbs.

Regarding pruning, general sales manager Ken Blass adds that horticulturalists should not be concerned if they have to trim back as much as 30 per cent of a plant that has sustained snow damage as they will regenerate if they are given the opportunity to do so.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported in the Independent that plants should has as seamless a transition as possible from propagator to garden to help it develop and become resistant to disease.