Autumn a mellow time for growers

The leaves may be beginning to fall from the trees and the flowers beginning to fade as autumn takes its toll on plant life.

However, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts can still keep themselves busy by preparing their soil for next year’s growth.

According to DIY Matters, some well-rotted manure should be dug into the ground to help replenish the earth for 2011.

This is especially essential for areas that may have been starved of nutrients, such as places where fresh produce has been growing.

Lawns should be raked to remove any fallen leaves, while the grass may benefit from an autumn feed.

The leaves that have been removed from the garden can be stored in perforated bin liners, where they will turn into perforated leaf mould ready for next year’s growing season.

Now is the time to provide shelter for the more fragile plants, either by moving them into the greenhouse or erecting some other structure over them, such as a cold frame.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society recently announced the winners of its Photographer of the Year Award.