Autumn a good time to grow vegetables

Arizona garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have shown an increased interest in growing their own food this year, it has been claimed.

The Arizona Nursery Association has noted a rise in the number of people cultivating vegetables in their greenspaces and glasshouses during 2009, according to a recent report in the Explorer.

Harpers Nurseries spokesperson Jay Harper told the newspaper that growers should use the autumn months wisely by preparing the earth before planting.

"The soil will still be ready to plant in the same day, so taking the time to amend the soil increases your gardens chance to thrive," he said, adding that a mix of bone meal, fertiliser, compost and gypsum could help boost nutrients.

Growers may wish to begin planting tomatoes, peppers, artichokes and strawberries around this time of year , the article suggested.

It said that the first two plants were particularly good choices for those who are garden and greenhouse beginners.

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