August tips from PlantForLife

With August well underway and autumn approaching, is recommending savvy gardeners act early to prepare their domains for the changing season.

Tip one is freezing your herbs, as this will keep a steady supply of fresh herbs through winter.

To do this, cut the younger leaves and clean them before putting the whole leaves into a plastic back in the freezer.

Dead heading the borders is also an important task at this time of year, it says.

"There are many flowering plants still to come in the border so dead-heading those that have finished is a good idea."

Finally, now is the time to order the bulbs you want for next year.

A little planning in early August will have you set up perfectly when it comes time to plant your bulbs later in the month.

With the weather often curtailing outdoor gardening in winter, gardeners will often turn to the greenhouse to grow young plants to be ready for planting outside in the spring.