Asters good for adding autumn colour to garden and greenhouse

According to the Daily Mail, the plants – also known as Michaelmas daisies – can add whites, reds, pinks, lavenders, purples and blues to the landscape, helping to spruce up displays that have started to look drab as the summer colours fade.

It recommended paying a visit to Picton Garden at Old Court Nurseries in Hertfordshire, where garden and greenhouse lovers will be able to choose their favourites among the biggest collection in the UK.

The site is run by Paul Picton and has almost 400 varieties of asters for visitors to enjoy.

“Grow them and you can have fresh flowers in September, October and November,” Mr Picton told the newspaper, adding they are one of the few flowers to bloom almost until winter.

The suggestions come after research from Sheffield University found gardeners can help attract wildlife to their area – even if they live in the cit