Art greenhouse opened at Kew

While many Britons may use the environmental control of a greenhouse to grow plants, botanical garden Kew has another use for its new glass house, it has been revealed.

A new structure at the attraction incorporates a number of features designed to maintain the interior conditions.

They include bore holes which help to keep the air in the greenhouse closer to the underground temperature of the planet.

However, this is not intended to help plants to grow, but to provide constant storage conditions for botanical artwork.

The glass house is the venues new Shirley Sherwood Gallery, which protects the artwork exhibited inside with maintained humidity and light conditions.

Kew has previously undertaken a range of fundraising efforts aimed at funding the construction of new greenhouses.

In 2003, this saw the organisation assist in the construction of a greenhouse in Madagascar for the growth of species of orchid local to the area but facing the threat of extinction.