Arsonists Target Allotments

Residents and allotment owners have been left shocked as 10 allotment plots across 2 different sites were torched recently in Hartlepool.

The local police and fire services have been launched an investigation into the incident with a 22 year old man already arrested on suspicion of arson. In the meantime it is the gardeners who have been left to count the cost of the vandalism.

The two incidents were just 40 minutes apart, with 6 sheds and greenhouse set ablaze in the Haswell Avenue area, and a further 3 sheds and a caravan torched at the nearby Brierton Lane allotments. All that now remains is the charred remains of sheds, tools and damaged greenhouses.

62 year old allotment holder Alan Hornsey was one of the principle victims of the arson, losing a shed, a caravan and a hut. He said:

“I feel terrible, devastated. I had just go it how I wanted it…This is nothing to some people, but it is a way of life.”

The investigation continues.

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