Arizona gardeners given planting tips

A garden and greenhouse expert from Arizona has given local horticulturalists some advice on fall food growing.

Writing for the Tri Valley Dispatch, Rick Gibson suggested August 15th was the ideal date to begin planting a number of varieties.

He explained cauliflower, broccoli and sweet corn require extra time to mature, when compared to lettuce, carrots and turnips, which can wait another month.

The reason for planting some vegetables now is they cannot take the heat in summer, the article stated.

It is therefore best done in late summer/early fall or early spring, it read.

Mr Gibson added: "I believe that everyone should have a home grown vegetable garden. Not only is the food tasty, but it is nutritious."

He said it is a good way to get children interested in horticulture, noting some of his best family times were spent in the garden.

Another person promoting grow-your-own activities is Kentucky first lady Jane Beshear, who recently launched the Governors Garden website.