Are hydrangeas set for comeback?

A garden and greenhouse blogger has been championing the cause of hydrangeas in a national newspaper.

Horticulture enthusiast Lia Leendertz explained in the Guardian she was "surprised" by her desire for the plants due to their contrast with her usual taste of whites and dark reds.

She explained she was "lusting after" the blue and pink variety of hydrangeas during a visit to Portmeirion Village.

Ms Leendertz commented the abundance of the species was impressive, noting they blend with the Italianate buildings and borrow their strong colours from the acidic soil in the area.

She highlighted a recent article in The Garden magazine suggesting garden and greenhouse enthusiasts "rediscover hydrangeas", stating the plants could be set for a resurgence in popularity.

"Could they really be the new dahlia, pulled from the depths of naffness and given pride of place, once more, in our gardens?" she asked.

Meanwhile, another recent article in the Guardian has urged those with gardens to make the most of them, rather than paving over them.