Americans embrace organic growing

A news provider has picked up on predictions that US households are likely to embrace garden and greenhouse growing in 2010.

ABC4 News reported that the National Gardening Association (NGA) expects Americans to sway towards environmentally-friendly horticulture in the coming months.

Recent research from the organisation found that almost nine in ten (89 per cent) households believe that it is "very important" for the country to practice green gardening.

Furthermore, the study showed that the number of Americans using their gardens and greenhouses to grow their own food increased by seven million in 2009.

The news provider published a number of tips from the Home Depot, advising would-be horticulturalists on how to get the best from their crops without damaging the environment.

Hints include how to conserve rainwater, create eco-friendly compost, feed plants and protect crops from bugs using organic pesticides.

In other news the Bolivar Herald Free Press recently reported that a large crowd is expected to attend the Annual Charity Home and Garden Show in the Missouri town this weekend.