America in Bloom judges visit Coshocton

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in Coshocton, Ohio, may have been busy in recent weeks ahead of a special visit from some respected horticultural experts.

Judges from America in Bloom are in town surveying its public green spaces and will give growers an idea of what work needs to be done to help it achieve success in the competition.

According to the Coshocton Tribune, the town is not competing in the 2010 contest, but will gun for glory in 2011.

Elfin Forest resident Evelyn Alemanni is one of the judges in town and has been in her role for six years now.

"What really makes a difference is what you are doing here – having a committee of very passionate people who are doing the networking, who are making the phone calls and engaging a lot of people over a lot of different parts of the community," she told the newspaper.

She added that this makes things "very exciting" and that it could only be a good thing for the towns chances.

Meanwhile, the Dispatch has revealed that the North Carolinas Lexington Appearance Commission is set to sponsor gardening demonstrations throughout the summer.