Alternative potato growing techniques

There are varied methods of growing potatoes in the garden or greenhouse.

Aside from the traditional method, one can use a big pot, some stacked tyres or even a plastic dustbin to grow them.

"Put planting compost (not just garden soil – this is a restricted environment, and the potatoes will need a good quality compost to do well) in the bottom third of the container, and plant a few tubers," recommends contributor Aspen.

"The number you use depends on the pot size, but say five in a dustbin. Cover and leave, not forgetting to water.

"As the foliage grows, keep adding more compost, until a few inches from the top. Tubers will form all the way up the buried stem."

He also suggests another way to grow the Great British staple food is to spread a black plastic sheet over the soil and anchor it down.

Making small slits in the sheet where you would normally grow rows will allow you to plant the tubers into the soil with a trowel.

The plastic means that no earthing up or weeding is required and it should simply be a matter of waiting until the potatoes are ready.